10 Unique International Workers’ Day Sayings In Cards

In International Workers Day [Also called May 1], Dr. Jamal gives us a set of sayings for this holiday, then we designed this wonderful sayings in the cards, 10 Unique Workers Day sayings ! magnificent to honor workers.

Sayings in the cards and can be used as wallpapers or images, with workers and businesses, such as carpenter, cook, doctor, construction worker, worker electricity, engineer, etc..

Behind a simple product. workersday saying

1- Behind a simple product millions of forgetten workers.. Please remember them.


Congratulations to all workers. workersday saying

2- Congratulations to all workers in their day from sky to the deepest land.


Good worker. workersday saying

3- Good worker = Good economy = developed country.


We must encourage. workersday saying

4- We must encourage all workers to continue by increasing health and social insurance.


We must respect. workersday saying

5- We must respect all workers as without their works we can not live.


What is the value. workersday saying

6- What is the value of mind ideas without establishment of these ideas by hands of workers.


Who do his best. workersday saying

7- Who do his best for us we must protect him against all harms, All rights to all workers.


Without workers. workersday saying

8- Without workers, any nation can not build its civilization and progress.


Workers are the engine. workersday saying

9- Workers are the engine and power which push any society to forward.


Workers dont sleep. workersday saying

10- Workers don’t sleep to give us welfare, Greetings to all workers.

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