17 Mother’s Day Unique Short Messages

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Happy Mother’s Day with Many Red Hearts

Mother’s Day is an important occasion for showing mothers our love and appreciation. Sending a nice short message or writing some kind words on a simple card can greatly please your mother. Here are some simple nice short messages that can help you express your love and deep gratitude for your mother.

Mother’s Day Short Messages

• “You are my greatest example in life, I love you.”
• “Mom! no words can express how much I love and respect you”
• “Thanks for being there whenever I need you, the best mom ever!”
• “Thanks for every hard second you went through for us, I love you so much, mom”
• “Mom! You have always been the best and the closest person to me. Thanks for never letting me down.”
• “Thank God that I’m blessed with a great mother like you. Love you!”
• “Mom! sorry for driving you mad sometimes. You know that deep down I love and appreciate you.”
• “Mom, don’t be mad at me if I can’t buy you a gift. My great love for you is more precious than any gift.”
• “Mom! If you weren’t there for me, I would be completely lost. Thank you!”
• “Thank you big time for making our home full of happiness and comfort. Love you!”
• “You are love..you are family. Happy Mother’s Day!”
• “You are the best gift of God to me, I love you, Mama!”
• “I’m the luckiest person on earth to have you as my mother”
• “My life has an end..my love for you has no end. Love you mother!.”
• “For every moment you spent for making us happy, thanks Mama.”
• “Mom! You are the love my life. Happy Mother’s Day”
• “You have always been the only one who supports me in my difficult times, Love you, Mom.”

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