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19 Inspirational Memorial Day Messages + Pictures

Memorial Day is the time to honor and remember those who sacrificed their lives to defend us and keep us secure. Here are some inspirational messages to help you show gratitude.

Memorial Day Messages

1. A million thanks to all brave soldiers who died for this country.
2. We are so grateful for all military members for their great sacrifices. We commemorate them on this Memorial day.
3. We didn’t get the chance to know them, but we owe them too much.
4. Death is a terrible pain that nothing can heal, but love is what keeps memories from fading away.
5. On Memorial Day, we think of you with great pride.
6. We never forget our martyrs because they are the reason we are free and prosperous.
7. They passed away, but their sacrifices are alive in our hearts.
8. We will always keep remembering that our freedom came at the price of our soldiers’ blood.
9. May your souls rest in peace, our valiant martyrs.
10. On Memorial Day, let’s pay our deep respects to our soldiers who paid their lives to defend our nation.
11. We still remember those who died for the safety of our nation.
12. Memorial Day is for honoring those martyrs who gave their lives to keep us alive.
13. Salute to those pure souls that made our nation peaceful and free.
14. On this Memorial Day, let us remember those who gave us their blood and life.
15. Prayers for those who lost their lives to keep us secure. May God protect those who are currently in service.
16. Let us honor our heroes who pleasantly gave their souls to keep our flag high.
17. On Memorial Day, we should never forget that freedom is costly. We are forever grateful for our heroes.
18. With deep gratitude, we remember those who laid their lives down for the people of this nation.
19. We all owe you big time for getting our rights and freedom.

Memorial Day Pictures

Happy Memorial Day , USA Flag, Memorial Day
Happy Memorial Day & USA Flag
Happy Memorial Day , We Will Never Forget, USA
Happy Memorial Day – We Will Never Forget
Happy Memorial Day, Memorial Day Images , USA Flag
Happy Memorial Day Image + USA Flag
Happy Memorial Day , American Flag
Happy Memorial Day with American Flag
Happy Memorial Day, Memorial Day Card, National American Holiday, Ribbon
Happy Memorial Day card. National american holiday with ribbon

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