20 Thank-You Notes to Soldiers on Armed Forces Day

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Armed Forces Day U.S.A

Happy Armed Forces Day! Here are some thank-you notes to write to soldiers on their day.

Armed Forces Day U.S.A

1. “Thank you for protecting us and keeping us safe”.
2. “Thanks big time for every soldier who has given up so much just to protect our homeland”.
3. “Thank you for your sacrifice. For your amazing loyalty and dedication. We are so proud of you”.
4. “Dear soldiers, thank you for keeping us safe”.
5. “We sincerely thank you for risking your lives to protect us from any danger”.
6. “Thank you for your service in military. You have saved many lives”.
7. “Thanks for your great bravery in fighting the enemies of our nation and keeping us secure”.
8. “Thank you for dedicating your lives to defending and protecting us”.
9. “Your great sacrifices and loyalty have taught us a lot, thanks for everything”.
10. “Thank you for your service to our country, we are forever grateful”.
11. “From our hearts! Thank you for what you do for us”.
12. “Thank you for working so hard to protect our families. God bless you all”.
13. “We know how much you endure for us. Thank you, heroes!”
14. “Dear soldiers, you are always in our prayers and thoughts. Thanks so much”.
15. “We greatly appreciate your efforts to keep our country safe. Thank you guys for your great work”.
16. “Thanks to you, our country is prosperous and free. Thanks big time!”.
17. “We never forget your sacrifices you make for us. We always pray for you. Thank you!”.
18. “Thank you for the hardships and risks you go through for keeping America safe!”.
19. “Your great work means so much to us. Be safe!”.
20. “Thanks for your service, we love and appreciate you”.

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