2014 Facebook Covers, Best Selections

Best Facebook Covers for New Year 2014:

The largest social site in the world certainly is a “Facebook”! You are really lucky, why?, Because you are here on this page you are now close to the best new designs for 2014 FB covers (for Profile’s and Pages, Groups).

We used more colors for fonts and backgrounds to suit most tastes, whether men or women, young or girls, yes; Browse the pictures below and choose the appropriate cover you, and then Download it and use it immediately, good luck to all!


More details

  • Covers: 9
  • License: Free
  • Resolution: 850×315
  • Occasion: New Year 2014
  • The colors used “often”: green, blue, white.

2014 facebook cover photo 1

2014 facebook cover photo 2

2014 facebook cover photo 3

2014 facebook cover photo 4

2014 facebook cover photo 5

2014 facebook cover photo 6

2014 facebook cover photo 7

2014 facebook cover photo 8

2014 facebook cover photo 9


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10 thoughts on “2014 Facebook Covers, Best Selections”

  1. I must be either blind or stupid as I am not being given an option to download these FB covers in anyway. Am I missing something??


    1. No, my friend, just give me a number of the picture you want to download it, and we send you a direct link to the download, “here in comments,” Sorry, but we are suffering from spam and copy images and backgrounds without mentioning the source page on our Web sites.

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