Are you an easy target for late payers?

Are you an easy target for late payers?

Is your business sending out the wrong signals – and paying the price? “Small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) wait an average of two months to get paid by other businesses, and many cannot survive the problems caused by overdue payments.” So says the Guardian. In an insightful piece called ” Avoiding overdue payments: top tips for your … Read more

Rosemary spice — The Wonderful Multi-Purpose


«Rosemary» Rosmarinus officinalis lamiaceae. Other common names Compass plant, dew of the sea, incensier, Mary’s mantle. Parts used leaves, flowering tops Few herbs are as universally grown and loved as rosemary. There are a inimher of varieties available and rosemary has many garden uses, from hedging, spillovers and pols lo gronndeovers and topiary. The refreshing resinous … Read more

Saffron spice — Flavour and Striking Colour

Saffron spice

The name saffron comes from the Arabic saffron (بالعربية: زعفران), which means yellow – a sacred colour chosen by Buddhist monks for their robes. Saffron is hugely expensive: consider that 200,000 flowers have to he harvested by hand to obtain 450 g/l lb saffron and no further explanation for cost is necessary. Saffron has been … Read more

Sage spice: Your guide is here

Sage spice

BOTANICAL NAME: Salvia sp. Lamiaceae There are more than 700 species of salvias, many of them spectacular when in flower, and a number with leaves that are variously scented with pineapple, grapes, tangerine, grapefruit, anise, honey melon or fruit salad. Salvia flowers attract butterflies and nectar-sipping birds. Common or garden sage (officinalis) is one of … Read more

What is a tarragon spice?


BOTANICAL NAME: Artemisia drocunculus, A dracunculiases Asteraceae Dracunculus is Latin fur “little dragon” and once tarragon was reputed to cure bites of not only diminutive dragons but also all serpents. Today its unique, delicious and piquant flavor is indispensable to the classic cuisine of France. Culinary use of tarragon spice – cooking with tarragon French … Read more