21 Reasons About the Importance of Fathers on Their Day

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21 Reasons About the Importance of Fathers!

1. In general, children who are raised in intact families are more likely to have stable and healthy relationships as adults.
2. Intact families are more likely to provide a safe home for children.
3. Children who are raised in the absence of their fathers are more likely to be poor.
4. Growing up without a father appears to be associated with greater likelihood of incarceration later in life.
5. Children who experienced a parental separation during childhood are more likely to get involved in sexual activity.
6. Children who have strong bond relationship with their fathers are less likely to engage in drinking drugs and alcohol or behavior problems.
7. Thus, Fathers are considered the main source of safety, love and inspiration for their own children and affect them since a really young age.
8. Fathers are considered their children’s role model, heroes and best friends.
9. Fathers within any family have been always the primary authority of the family for many centuries, as their influence dominant in all matters relating to family.
10. Fathers have a great influence over the development and growth of their children.
11. Fathers could scarify anything for the sake of their children.
12. Fathers promote more independence as mums intend to be more protective and nurturing.
13. Involved fathers actually provide emotional security for their children.
14. Fathers who treat mothers with respect, raise children and specifically boys who respect girls and women and who are less likely to be involved in violent relationships.
15. Fathers who respect their children’s own choices, succeed in raising children who fully depend on themselves, thus more independent in their lives.
16. Fathers who intend to involve their children in important decisions when it comes to family matters, are more likely to provide that feeling of belonging and sharing within their children.
17. Fathers with emotional balance provide their children a healthy environment free of violence and problems that may lead to any kind of psychological issues.
18. Fathers’ support is way more different than any kind of support in the entire world.
19. Fathers always take up all the responsibilities, starting from the education of their children or every other monetary needs.
20. Fathers make sure that none of the members feels dejected for lack of anything.
21. Finally, fathers will always be the most important person in any family, because they are the ones who are responsible of protecting their families, encouraging and loving them no matter what.

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