26 January 2022 Republic Day of India: Special Why & What!

26 January 2021 is a special day because India celebrates the Indian Republic Day.  It’s the day when India set the constitution of India and became available instead of the government of India. This happened on 26 Jan 1950. Because of that event, India became an independent republic country.

Now maybe you have a question which says..

Why they celebrate on 26 January?

Let me answer you, this day is special because of its history. This day has a remarkable history.

On 26 January 1930, India has set free from the British occupation since congress has declared the Poorna Swaraj which is known as the declaration of independence.

And on 26 January 1950 the Indian Republic Day as we said India became a democratic country. Not only a democratic country but also one of the democratic countries in the world.

What do they do in Indian Republic day to celebrate?

Indian republic day has been declared as a public holiday. So there’s a lot of celebration are done in this day. They throw events and celebrations. The army participate in it too through a large military parades especially in New Delhi and in the capital of the states.

Not only the army participate but also Navy and Air force participate in parades.

The main celebration is in New Delhi since they organize a grand parade and the prime minister first put a wreath of flowers at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India gate to Commemorate soldiers who sacrificed themselves for the sake of India. Then the president of India Perform a military salute as the governors of the stated performed the military salute in the capital of the states.

Then the celebration began by giving medals and prizes to people and helicopter fly over the area to spread flowers petals on the citizens. The children take part in the celebration also by dancing and singing national songs. Armed forces show motorcycle rides.

Finally they end the parade through “fly past” which the air forces make that include fighter planes which fly over the area and smoke left from it figure the colours of the Indian flag.

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There’s also other features to celebrate the Indian Republic day like they held a lot of cultural programs which based on the history of India and there is a special place for children to know more about their countries and the children are got a lot of presents, candies and little toys to encourage them. In this time of the year they held a march for the prime minister and also Lok Tarang which considered “Folk Dance Festival” which held every year too.

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This Special Day!

As we said before, this day is a holiday so all the facilities is closed in that day like national offices, post offices and banks but of course public transportation is exception as many citizens travel to attend the celebration.

You have to know that the march of the president may cause traffic jam in a lot of places especially in New Delhi and the capital of states.

So if you wanna to visit India, try to visit it on the Indian Republic Day since you will get a lot of fun.

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