4 Essential Tools for Campfire Cooking

If you’re planning a summer camping trip, a big part of the fun is preparing meals over an open fire. But you’ll quickly flame out your good time if you’ve forgotten any of the outdoor cooking essentials. Here are 4 tools that you shouldn’t leave home without. Just add plates, bowls, silverware, and a marshmallow on a stick!

A Cooking Surface

If you’re cooking over a campfire, you need a grate to cook on. If the campground you are heading to has fire pits, then you will likely need a round cooking grate like the Weber Cooking Grate. This will give you a surface to cook on. But, be sure to check with the campground for the proper sizing.

However, if you want your cooking experience to be a little closer to home, then investing in a camp stove such as the Coleman® Signature Series InstaStart™ Grill/Stove is a great idea. It is fueled by a small propane canister and has two burners to cook on.

Long Grilling Utensils

Have you ever felt the heat of a fired-up barbecue? You don’t want to get too close! So bring along some long-handled grilling tools such as the Cuisinart 14 Piece Deluxe Grill Set, which includes tongs, a spatula and more in a handy carrying case.

If you are planning to roast wienies or marshmallows, buy some long wooden skewers too. They can be found at party stores.

A Knife

It might seem obvious, but whenever you set out to cook, you really need a good knife. Of course, that can be troublesome to transport … unless you get a handy set like the Snow Peak Chopping Board and Knife Set.

It contains a good chef’s knife in a case that opens up to be used as a cutting board. It’s a great dual-purpose set.

Also: Capresso Ultima Semi-Automatic Coffee Maker and Espresso-Cappuccino Machine

Pots/Pans for Cooking on a Flame

If you plan to cook meals, you will need some camp-appropriate pots and pans to make it work.

Purchasing a handy inclusive set like the Bugaboo Cookset™, Large means that you will always be prepared for camp cooking.

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