5 Makeup Tips for Brides On Their Wedding Day

I love the month of June because it’s starting to get warm, summer is right around the corner, and the flowers are out in full bloom. June is also a busy month for me because there’s a lot of weddings!

June is a busy month for me because I do a lot of freelance work on the side for weddings.

When I do makeup for these beautiful brides I get a lot of questions asked by them as to how to get their makeup to look flawless on their wedding day. I have learned a thing or two about makeup for your wedding day–and I’m here to share it with you!

These are my top 5 makeup tips for brides:

1. Use a foundation primer

You want your makeup to last all day, and you want a smooth surface to start from. Choose a primer based on your skin type.

2. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara

Let’s face it, a wedding can be an emotional and overwhelming day. You’ll probably shed a few happy tears and you need something that will stay put. These are bullet proof options.

3. A makeup setting spray

A fine hydrating mist you spray after you’ve finished your makeup will help it set into the skin, and it will instantly make it look less makeup-y.

4. Use a highlighting powder to brighten and finish your look

The idea is to look glowy-not shimmery or glittery. Dust this on top of your cheekbones, nose, and inner corners of the eyes to add some dimension and highlight your features.

5. Lipstick

Please use lipstick and a sheer pressed powder that you can touch up with throughout the day and into the evening.

This is your wedding day–prepare for this detail. Pick out colors you know you love, and have them handy. You can ask your maid of honor/mom/wedding coordinator to keep them in her purse and have her bring them to you so you can reapply after you eat or drink.

I hope these tips will make your wedding day more beautiful. Even if you’re not a bride, but you are wanting to look flawless in photos, these are great tips to try!

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