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9 Tips to Celebrate Armed Forces Day

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Armed Forces Day USA Flag

Armed Forces Day was firstly celebrated in August 31, 1949 after the proclamation of Louis Johnson, the Secretary of Defense at that time. This day is meant to celebrate the current members of the American Military. This year, Armed Forces Day is Saturday, May 19. Here are some tips to celebrate Armed Forces Day.

Armed Forces Day Celebrations

1. Fly the American flag for the whole day at your workplace or your own home. There are certain ways for displaying the American flag properly which you can check online.
2. Attend a military parade or a military air show. You should know when and where exactly it is held in advance. You better go early so that you can watch it from a good spot. You can take some pictures to keep memories of this important day.
3. Visit the official website of Armed Forces day to learn more about that day and to know the place and date of any local celebrations.
4. Send a care package to military members who are away from home. Show how much you appreciate their efforts by sending cards that contain encouraging words and thank-you messages.
5. Pay a visit to a local veteran’s hospital to show your sympathy and appreciation.
6. Donate to an organization that supports the service members or their families by ensuring their well-being and safety.
7. Plan a party and invite a veteran or a service member to celebrate that day together and learn more about their duties and efforts in keeping the country secure and safe.
8. Organize learning sessions for children where you teach them the history of the American Military and the prominent feats performed by its members. You can also make some patriotic crafts together like a pinwheel or a paper star.
9. If you run into any person in uniform, you may offer him/her a flower and simply say “thank you” to show your appreciation.

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