HERE, a story to say Happy Mother’s Day to your Mother

Today’s smile of hope says “no one loves you more than your mom does” this a story to say Happy Mother’s Day. No one will sacrifice for you like what your mother does. You must appreciate, feel and bear it in your mind. You should not need an accident to know how much she loves you. You have to live with that meaning. “No one loves me more than my mom”. Today’s story is from Korea. It is about a mother called Wang and her son is Lee.

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say Happy Mother’s Day to your Mother

Wang was 120kg. She is older than 60 It is known that it is difficult for fat people especially in that old age to lose weight in a short period

Suddenly. her only son Lee suffered from kidney failure. The transplant surgery was necessary. It should be within 3 months maximum otherwise he would die. All tests have shown that donators’ kidneys are not suitable for him. The only suitable kidney was that of his mother, but doctors faced a problem that Wang is fat and she had to be under 100 kg within less than 3 months to be able to do the surgery.

She realized that she might lose her son. She exerted great efforts. She began to walk and jog 20 km daily. She was on a tough diet. She lost 25kg in 2 months. I think this record should be added to Guinness records. The surgery was successful.

Lastly, no one loves you more than your mom does. Love your mother. Satisfy her. Do not wait for an accident or a problem to know how valuable she is. Your mother is the most precious person on earth. Draw smiles of hope on her face to satisfy her. If you do so, you will live happily. That is a smile of hope for those who satisfy their mothers. That is a smile of hope for them in their lives and in the Paradise.

This story by DR. Amr Khaled.

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