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Ada Lovelace

Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace, born Augusta Ada Byron and now commonly known as Ada Lovelace, was an English mathematician and writer chiefly known for her work on Charles Babbage’s early … Wikipedia

Ada Lovelace’s 197th Birthday in Google logo today

Ada Lovelace's 197th Birthday

Ada Lovelace's 197th Birthday

Ada Lovelace's 197th Birthday

A gallery employee looks at Margaret Carpenter’s painting ‘Ada Lovelace (1815 -1852) Mathematician; daughter of Lord Byron 1836’ at The Whitechapel Gallery exhibition of works from The Government Art Collection on March 9, 2012 in London, England. The exhibition is composed of works chosen by the non-political staff at 10 Downing Street and runs from March 9 – 10 June 2012.

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