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Brothers and sisters Eid Mubarak and May you be good every year and may Allah accept our good deeds. May Allah -SWT- bless you all with a wonderful Eid Mubarak and accept form us or righteous deeds- o Allah amen.

We want to wish to you a happy day a blessed day, We want you to enjoy this day for what it’s worth we only have two celebrations like this and the most amazing part about it, is these two celebrations come after great acts of warship now we just graduated Ramadan -Praise be to Allah- and there’s one thing I want all of you to keep in mind with special day.

Imagine at the moment of death the prophet –PBUH- told us that the person who utters their Shahada-Declaration of faith- at the moment of death will enter Jenna, of course this come with a lot of responsibility, however think about it for a moment here we are you have gone through this month of Ramadan and the last ten nights kind of feel like we uttering our Shahada-Declaration of faith- because you want to try to squeeze in as many good deeds as possible, so that you complete this month with flying colors.

So, the same token here is that believer and they want to utter the Shahada-Declaration of faith- for the last time and leave this world and begin their journey towards the -afterlife-.

So, here we are we have come out of the month of Ramadan and we have gone into a celebration Allah -SWT- wants us to celebrate, wants us to have fun, wants to be with family, with friends, with the community and enjoy this one day just for that.

It just like the believer when they utter that Shhada-Declaration of faith- and the go through that grind at the very end, just at the last moment of their life and because they leave this world in that righteous manner, they still celebrating as well in the- afterlife- except for that time there is Allah -SWT- there are the companions, there are the angels, -God willing- they are in Jenna.

So, it’s absolutely beautiful that the theme of Ramadan leading into Eid is exactly the same theme that we have living in this world and entering into the -afterlife- and if Allah wish – in Allah,s Janna. It’s just food for thought guys in and you just keep that in mind and enjoy this beautiful day so once again Eid Mubarak.

Special thanks to brother: Shaykh Musleh.

Advance Eid Mubarak HD images / Wishes and Greetings

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Eid Mubarak Wishes Wallpaper
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