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Featured Ingredients – Radishes

Radishes are highly underrated. But after checking out these tasty and creative recipes featuring low calorie, vitamin C rich radishes.

Radishes are highly underrated. How often do you actually think about picking up a bunch of these zippy, spicy, nutritious vegetables, let along cook with them? We want to change all that with a little help from the Radish Council, who was kind enough to share some of their favorite radish recipes with us.

When buying radishes, select those that are smooth and brightly colored. They should be hard to the touch. Soft or spongy radishes indicate an old product.

Keep radishes refrigerated. They will keep longer if you store them with their tops trimmed.

Seven radishes have only twenty calories and they’re fat free, so they won’t add to waistline. They also fall within the guidelines of most low carbohydrate plans as well. Low in sodium, radishes will provide about 30% of your daily recommended allowance of Vitamin C.

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