Before celebrating Mother’s Day, remember their suffering

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Happy Mother’s Day new image card

All mothers are doing their best to serve and raise their children with all the graces that they have been given from Allah, without providing any health or effort.

All they are doing their best for the sake of children’s happiness and love, but what is really striking and see it difficult is how this mother could be missing one of the basic graces in human health and integrity in society, or was this mother with special needs, honestly, it will not make much difference, because Mother is feelings of being acts, maternal feelings are manifested in all women who are full human beings and not full-bodied, it does not make much difference between the mother who speaks with her children day and night with the words of love and the deaf mother whose children also rain with words, but words more tangible than spoken, or a mother sitting with her children day and night full healthy or another one struggling with the disease, but if one of her children felt sick, her illness will be forgotten.

Our society is full of models of mothers who are challenging the circumstances and fulfilling their roles despite the pain, illness, and disability.

Here are some of these models:
• A woman lost one of her most important senses when she was a child, which is the beneficiary of speech and hearing. The disability did not stop her, and she defied it, then learned sign language, and went on practicing her life until she married a man with special needs and belonged to the deaf and dumb group. She worked in sewing for the living. Her husband worked in some craft and gave birth to two children. God willing, the newborns are not people with special needs, she taught them sign language so that they can understand each other and take care of their studies and their lives, and once you see her children, your heart will fill with happiness and joy, what kind of education and ethics did she give them, how and when!, her children bring customers to her and she agreed to let them run her life. This is an example, which many full-healthy people did not make.

• Another woman traveled with her husband to work in a foreign country and gave birth to a child while the other one was still a baby. She began to feel a sharp pain and went to examine herself and found herself suffering from cancer, and must have an immediate surgery. In addition, left her son in a foster care until the surgery is completed, but sometimes things do not go the way you expect, her son suffered a serious sickness because of the psychological pressure that happened because of being away from his mother. The mother immediately left the hospital to sit with her baby until they find a compromise not to be far away from the child.

The mother may sacrifice her life in order not to see her children suffer even if it would be the end of her life, her death does not concern her as her children do.

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