Before Ramadan; 7 Things Nullify Your Fasting

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The things that void your fasting, the scholars say are seven. So memorize them, and then you don’t have to worry about any thing else, because now you know that these 7 nullify your fasting, so anything else does not.

7 things that avoid your fast

1. Eating and drinking.
2. Vomiting deliberately.
3. Masturbation with ejaculation.
4. Anything regarded as eating and drinking [nourishment].
5. Sexual intercourse.
6. Menstruation.
7. Cupping or Hijama [scholarly dispute].

First of all, eating and drinking

So eating and drinking anything that goes into your stomach. Goes to stomach through the mouth, or through the nose, then this nullifies your fasting. Even you swallow a stone it nullifies your fasting.

Secondly, whatever takes the role of food and drink

Such as IV, such as Gela core. for example, that you can live for 3 or 4 days without eating and drinking just because of this IV is going into your veins, So this nullifies your fasting. And this means that if I take antibiotics, if I take vulturine shots, if I take insulin, if I take penicillin. Anything that does not nourish me, that does not take the role of eating and drinking, this does not nullify your fasting.

If someone says, I have to take vaccines, does it affect my fasting?, Not it doesn’t.

I have to extract a tooth, and the doctor gives me anesthesia, does it affect my fasting?, The answer is no!

Thirdly, vomiting intentionally

I ate too much, I have something going on, I don’t like it, I put my finger in mouth, or smell something and vomit intentionally, this void my fasting.

If I ate too much, and I feel disturbed and all of a sudden without me helping it, I’m throwing up. I’m vomiting, this is unintentional it doesn’t affect your fasting.

Fourthly, cupping or Hijama

And this an issue of dispute among scholars, so the most authentic opinion, it’s safer not to cup [Hijama] while fasting.

Cupping is having scratches and Salashes on the back of your neck or on your shoulders then extracting the rotten blood. And it’s a form of healing and medication, and it’s good the Prophet [Alayhi Salatu Was Salam] encouraged it.

But during fasting, refrain from it, because it’s an issue of dispute. However, samples of your blood for the hospital is totally permissible.

Bleeding from your gums, while the doctor or dentist is working. This does not affect your fasting. Try not to swallow it.

What else, donating blood, if it wears you down, and it’s a pint or two in this case make it after Maghreb. And if you don’t have a possibility to donate after Maghreb, then do it and make up for that day of fasting [only in emergency].

Fifthly, Ejaculation

Any person ejaculating while he is awake of course! Because this is different than nocturnal emission.
What you suffer or what you have, what they call wet dreams. When you ejaculate while you’re sleeping, this doesn’t affect your fasting at all.
But if you do it intentionally while awake be seeing or looking at something or thinking or masturbating, this nullifies your fasting.

Sixth, is intercourse

And this is the highest of all [that breaks fast] and we spoke about the expiation for it in the beginning.

Seventh, is blood of menses or post-natal bleeding

These two if they exist then the fast is void, even if it’s seconds before the Adhan of the Maghreb.
Now if you look at toothpaste, and you look at these seven categories, you will find as long as the paste doesn’t go into the throat you are in the clear.

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