Query: Yesterday, my mom did for my sisters a birthday party. I objected the idea, at first, but she was really determind. She asked me to help her, and I did because she is my mom. I helped he, but my Niiya was not for the birthday, but for her, helping my mom. I had no choice. She got a music system, and we had dancing here and there everywhere. It was a girls party, but she started to push me to dance, I did not want to. She was grapping my hand to dance with her. I dI’d not know what to do!

My family is not that bad; we are a Muslims, Alhamdulillah, but such these things they do not have problems with. Dancing, music, putting on make-up. I really feel like I betrayed my deen. I feel like that I need to enter Islam again! I have a very bad feeling since yesterday, and I need help.


All praise is due to Allah; the Lord of the Worlds. Peace and blessings be upon His most honorable prophet; Muhammad, his family, companions and followers.

Dear Sister, May Allah keep you keener on observing your religion; don’t open a door for Shaitan. What happened is subject to sharia rules. However, If the act of dancing is performed in a way that exposes ‘awrat or excites attendant women sexually – and there are no men among the attendance as you said in your message– then it’s a sin that requires Istighfar (seeking forgiveness from Allah); repentance and doing lots of good deeds.

Sources: Al-Azhar Al-Sharif

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