Blackening — Fast Flavor Without All the Fuss

Blackening — Fast Flavor Without All the Fuss, a simple technique that adds tons of flavor to dishes quickly and easily.

All the rage is the garden and fresh produce…so you have your sides. Now, to perk up your entrée with fabulous flavor without all the fuss, try blackening, a quick cooking method, that keeps your food moist and juicy.

You may think of blackening only as a fancy cooking technique that can lead to a smoke-filled kitchen – but I am going to give you blackening recipes adaptable to everyday cooking. However, you should still turn on the oven vent!

One of Louisiana’s very own, Chef Paul Prudhomme, invented the art of blackening out of his New Orleans’ restaurant, and the cooking method has since become a classic favorite prepared worldwide.

Blackening refers to the cooking method of using a hot skillet to produce a slightly burnt-looking, dark-brown exterior to your food with a moist interior. Because of the crispy crust of seasonings that forms when searing in the juices of a blackened dish, the cooking method is a perfect way to eat low fat, diabetic-friendly meals without missing any flavor.

Usually characterized by an amazing blend of seasoning and loads of melted butter, don’t fret, as my trim and terrific blackening approach will have your mouth dancing with flavor without the added fat.

Quick, spicy, and always a hit, Blackened Chicken Tenders (pictured top of this post, click link for recipe) are a perfect solution to a simple dinner the whole family will love. A full-bodied sauce provides harmony to well-seasoned chicken tenders – with a hint of sweet brown sugar and spicy chili powder. Make them as an easy appetizer, or serve over pasta or rice for a satisfying entrée.

Salmon is a rich source of Omega-3’s, known for their protection against heart disease and promotion of joint and skin health. The American Heart Association recommends including foods high in Omega-3’s at least twice per week. Make salmon a regular part of you diet with the Blackened Salmon (pictured above right). Sweet and spicy collide in this unforgettable and super easy dish. Be sure to not overcook salmon as it is best served golden brown on the outside with a warm rare interior.

I love shrimp; especially it’s versatility in cooking. Blackened Shrimp (pictured left) delivers instant flavor effortlessly by combining roasted shrimp with a slightly sweet and spicy cinnamon, cumin, and brown sugar blend. Delicious and so versatile, this dish adds instant pizzazz when tossed in salads, pastas or a sandwich.

With the weather beginning to warm, you can also take this blackening method outdoors on the grill.

If you are new to this cooking specialty – here’s your chance. My secret is in the seasoning with these fast and furious recipes. This kitchen-friendly approach will enlighten your taste buds with the immense flavor and moistness that blackening will give your Trim & Terrific™ meal!

All the recipes ain this article are from my book filled with southern and Louisiana favorites.

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