Cheating Is Prohibited .. Such is the Upright Religion

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Allah Almighty says: O Prophet Muhammad! Say that “Surely my Lord has guided me to the Straight Path, the upright religion, the faith of Abraham, a man of pure faith who was never a polytheist

Cheating Is Prohibited

Once Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) passed by a vendor who had in front of him a heap of fresh food. The Prophet plunged his hand into the heap of food (to check if the food in the bottom was as good as the food on the top), and his fingers felt wet. The Prophet asked the vendor: “What is this wetness?”

The vendor said: This part of the food got wet because of the rainfall. The Prophet said to the vendor: ‘Then why did you not put this wet food on the top of the heap so that the people could see it?’

“He who cheats is not a true follower of me,’ the Prophet added.

The true Muslim is conscious of Allah in all circumstances The true Muslim does not betray, cheat, or deceive others.
Such are the teachings of Islam that we should live by and show to the world.

Such is the Upright Religion.

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