Can a minor cash a check written to them?

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      My minor child received a check from a relative. He decided he wanted to buy a savings bond. We purchased it with our bank account for him.

      We tried to deposit his check into our account (his name-minor and signed by spouse) the bank refuses to cash it. I put our account number on it as well. 

      The teller was extremely rude and my spouse left the bank This particular bank has given us issues for years.

      Any insight on how to cash this check? Can the account number be scratched out? Do they let minors cash their own checks?

      In the past we have just deposited his gift money and never taken any out.


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        Why are you with this bank if they’ve given you issues for years? Get some new accounts.

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          Former teller, unfortunately in the world we live in, a lot of the time depositing a child’s check into a parent’s account means that it was stolen from the child by the parent.

          Either have the minor cash it (with ID) or just deposit it in the minor’s account and withdraw it.

          The teller may have come across as rude, but they were probably worried that you were trying to do something illegal and unethical and they were trying to protect themselves from participating in a crime.

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            Is the check from an account at a national bank – like Bank of America or Wells Fargo? If so, take it to the bank where the check was written off of- they should verify funds from the account and cash the check directly to the child/you.

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              Open an account in your child’s name. Minors have to have custodial accounts so your name has to be on it too. Cash the check into that account and a few weeks after it clears you could close it, but personally, I would just leave it open for the next check you get.

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                Please tell the bank manager about this.

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                  Can you open an account for your child and just deposit it there with you or your husband being the trustee.

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                    I have never had a problem depositing money in the bank for my kids. I’d usually deposit it in my checking then transfer to their savings with Chase. Now they both have their own checking & savings so I just deposit directly into those accounts on my phone.

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