Can anybody recommend How to get rust off a kitchen sink?

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      Help! I’ve recently house exchanged into a 2 bed house with my baby and just moved in this weekend and the kitchen sink is like this.


      Can anybody recommend how to get the rust off and how to get it shining brand new again please

      Thank you!

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        Guys just a reminder bleach doesn’t work with hot water! It has to be cold.

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          White vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, scrub with a brush and leave for a couple of hours then rinse. That’s my go to for any stains on my sink it never fails.

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            Bar keepers friend, the powder not the spray x

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              Pink stuff.

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                Personally think the pink stuff is awful to use very over rated. Soda crystals works every time for me.

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                  Soap filled Brillo!

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                    I would wack bleach all round it and leave for 10mins and it’ll be gone.

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                      Pink stuff paste is amazing for cleaning and tomatoe ketchup scrubbed with tin foil is great for removing rust.

                      Tom ketchup is also great for hair that’s tinged green after a hot tub session.

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                        Brillo pad is all you need.

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                          Definitely cif
                          Pink stuff


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                            So I learnt this trick only last.

                            week! And oh my god! The grime that I found was horrific. You need to unscrew the actual plug. Use a flathead screwdriver and unscrew the part in the middle of the plug, the plug will pop out and you will see a massive buildup of grime that no pouring bleach will ever get tid of. Clean and pop the plug back on.

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                              Wash powder, put plug in and fill with hot boiling water leave to cool and wipe over. For the rust give rub with scourer and powder first. Use cooper coin to get rid of any lime scale on tap ends.

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                                Okay now y’all are going to think I’m nuts but this has happened before so no worries. I read about someone doing this and gave it a try. Using a Diatomaceous Earth Shower Mat, under the drain board. I also put a thin rubber shelf liner that has holes of some kind under it. When it’s put down carefully not to crack it, put the drain board on top. It absorbs the moisture that drips down and then it evaporates the water. No mold at all, and living in the land of heat and moisture, I get mold everywhere. Florida.

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                                  Also wear gloves when using Brillo pads. I never wear gloves for cleaning, I got really into it one day with a brillo pan and had to have my husband pull a metal strain out of my finger. ouch.

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