How do you guys go about selling expensive items on Facebook marketplace?

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      I want to ship the item but I also want to make sure I don’t get scammed. I believe I saw on this group that ppl do charge backs on PayPal.

      It’s a piece of jewelry and I believe I can ship it through ups or fed ex to make sure the person signs before they receive it. I’m selling the item for $800.

      I also don’t think I’m protected by cash app or Venmo.

      Thanks in advance! I resell to help out with bills.

      It helps with my frugality..

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        I don’t like pay pal because they are not good in vetting people who use their services. I have the same issues w mailing items so I only sell locally, that is pick up or drop off service. You might consider selling to a jeweler.

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        Jenn CJ

          It’s very hard to reach PayPal in case of an issue. They also take too much time to resolve the issue. If the amount is that big, I would not risk it.

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            For me, it’s completely worth it. I read a ton and can get books to my kindle e reader for free, the amount of movies and tv included in streaming let me cancel hulu and Netflix plus I buy a lot online due to where I live and not being able to get what I need so the free shipping is worth it. I also get the discount prime since we receive SNAP.

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              I got rid of it, too. I found I was buying a lot more than I needed because of the prime shipping. As far as streaming, I use Hulu and Netflix more than I did Prime and I prefer Spotify.

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                I considered doing that, but if you have the Amazon Prime rewards card, it might be worth keeping. For me, the higher percentage cash back more than pays for the annual cost of Prime.

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