How has frugal hair care with baking soda and ACV worked for you?

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      I want to share my frugal hair care. It started out of necessity due to being broke. I’ve continued it because of allergies I developed. I clean my hair with baking soda water and neutralize it with ac vinegar. I started wearing a bonnet to bed. Now my hair is softer and growing in thicker. It has saved me a lot of money. Please no rude comments. I’m just sharing what works for me. Thank you.

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        It works for some hair types. I haven’t tried it, though I used to rinse my hair with ACV and loved it!

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          Epsom salts work great as an occasional scalp scrub mixed in with a conditioner. Epsom salts are chemically different from table salt, they are hydrating rather than drying.

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          AP White

            I think it’s awesome. I haven’t bought body lotion in years because I make mine from coconut oil and beef tallow mixed with essential oils and aloe which I always have around the house. I haven’t bought body wash in years either because I have African Black Soap in bulk and I use it to make bottles of body wash. Peppermint is my go to scent.

            I no longer have eczema issues and I save tons of money. I do spend good money on my facial skin care and hair products but always buy them on sale.

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              No judgment here! I started using hair and body soap bars instead of shampoo. It keeps me from buying 2 separate products. I use 2 tbls. Of Braggs Raw Organic (The Mother) Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with one cup (that’s all you’re supposed to use) water. I wash my hair 2 times a week. That’s all you’re supposed to use the ACV. No more than 2 times a week.

              After washing, I will pour the ACV over my my head and rub it in just like you would conditioner. Leave on for about 4 minutes.

              I’ll bathe while waiting to rinse. Rinse. You’re all done. My hair is soft and more manageable.

              I’ll always use ACV instead if conditioner. It’s cheaper and works amazingly.

              I also cut my own hair now.

              Useful: Upgrade Your Hair Care: Investing in Quality Products

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                My daughter got me started wearing a bonnet about 5 months ago. I love that I’m losing less hair, it’s much softer & I need to deep condition less often! I was doing monthly, now it’s every 6 weeks!

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                  Love it! My sister calls it hair hygiene including wearing the bonnet to reduce hair breakage. I also sleep on my satin pillow sometimes for benefits to my face and hair.

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                    Good for you! I have probably washed my hair twice this year, and same for the last 10-15 years. I admit I don’t sweat, so my hair doesn’t get greasy. I use small dab of curl tamer after I wet my hair through and through, and that’s it. So glad I tried to go without all that hair product.

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                      I’ve never heard of doing this, but it’s great that it works for you. For me, four dollars for a bottle of shampoo, and washing my hair two times (sometimes three times) a week has been frugal enough. I enjoy the tea tree shampoo or the citrus shampoo from Trader Joe’s. No need for conditioner or anything else.

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                        I use Castille soap and water (50%/50%) and add a few drops of tea tree oil. Then I use diluted ACV for a rinse. I always thought I had dandruff, but I don’t have any more flakes and my scalp doesn’t itch anymore. I think I was just allergic to shampoo…..

                        I also wear a bonnet. Much fewer tangles in my really long hair.

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                          I did the same and so did my first two kids years ago. It worked really well and our hair was so soft. I did it for about a year and finally went back to shampoo and conditioner later just because I missed the scents and luxury feel of it and didn’t need to use it often.

                          I keep meaning to go back to it.

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