I’m saying it here so it’s a commitment. No grocery shopping for the month of May

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      I have a stocked pantry and freezer. My husband will go for milk and nothing else. I should save around $500.

      Here’s the plan for the things you all have asked about so far… For fresh fruits and veggies, this is the price I’m going to have to pay.

      I have canned and frozen fruits and vegetables that really need to be used and rotated out. Someone asked about bread…

      I have all kinds of bread type things in the freezer like naan and maybe even French loaf.

      I happen to have 18 eggs right now that will probably last me three months.

      Whoever asked about missing the great sales, that really stings. This is exactly what’s gotten me in the situation.

      I have stocked up and stocked up and stocked up every time I found a great deal and now I need to just not spend money for a month. If I don’t go to the store I will not know what I’ve missed.

      Here’s the challenge, I’m hosting 10 family members for lunch on Mother’s Day. Thank goodness it’s at the beginning of the month!

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        I think this is great, my only thought is if you depleat your food supply how expensive is the next month going to be.

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          Wow! Good luck! I’d go crazy without fresh veggies. I’ll be interested to hear how it went!

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            I saw my freezer through a friends eyes last week when she said “OMG you could eat for a YEAR with all that!” I realized I get more pleasure out of stocking up than actually using what I buy……..I need to change that. Come on over for pie , ice cream, grapes, coffee etc etc etc.

            FYI – everything in the freezer was at least half off, some things were75% off or better. This is a FRUGAL stockpile.

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              I just told my husband last night I was going to try to do very minimal grocery shopping expenditure for May. Our pantry and freezer are well stocked. I will purchase some sandwich makings as I suffer chronic pain and have nights I just can’t cook a full meal. Other than that I have written up meal plans based on what I have on hand. I’m anxious to see how well I can do. Good luck!

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                I love this!! It sounds like you are ready for this challenge! I don’t really have enough food at home to go a whole month but I do try to get creative and stretch things by a couple extra days! I usually go grocery shopping once a week so, if I can go 9 or 10 days, I feel accomplished!

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                  I’m planning to do this for June!!! We’re starting a slow roll in May but In June our farm share kicks in and we get a weekly box of vegetables!! I’ll just need to buy milk and eggs and then I’m set and clearing the freezer and pantry out so we can have space to freeze important things like ice cream.

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                    I feel this so much! I have been trying real hard to resist the “sales” like you stated. I too have stocked up and stocked up and then I realize it’s not much of a sale if it gets lost or forgotten in the freezer. I told myself that I had to use what is in my freezer before buying anymore things. I had gotten a deep freezer a while ago and it gave me extra room for stuff which in the end meant more food I may not have needed right then.
                    We can do this!

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                      I’m going to try to do something similar because I have saved up a lot of canned goods, we have a whole freezer full of food and fridge so I’m going to be limited on the groceries I get and because my mom and I have fallen into so much debt because of my shopping addiction I am forcing myself to only pay for the basic bills and put up money for emergencies. My mom and I don’t have much money but I’m finally getting help for my shopping addiction. I am asking everyone to please pray for my mom and I since we’re struggling bad financially this month.

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