What’s everyone do for caffeine/energy drinks?

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      Buying 2 (or even just having 2) a day is getting pricey as it tends to come out around $30/$35 a week. I work 12-15 hours a day most days and usually only get 1 day off so caffeine/energy drink is needed.

      • A pop/soda doesn’t give me enough boost or I’d do that
      • Coffee doesn’t always help and with my job, I can’t be taking the bathroom breaks needed for coffee
      • Green tea hasn’t been much help
      • My work has a rule that we can’t carry water bottles with us (unless we have a doctors note) so the water flavoring with energy added isn’t really a choice for me

      I would quit if I could, but like I said, I work 12-15 hours a day most days. 70+ hour weeks aren’t abnormal for me

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        Research caffeine pills. It’s great for some and not for others depending on any health issues you may have.

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          You need to drink water. You working a lot of hours… that will catch up with you… take care of yourself.

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            I would have suggested an energy drink mix – but not having water doesn’t work with that. I would agree with Petal and see if you can get a Doctor’s note. That’s a lot of hours to go without water.

            Maybe caffeine pills if nothing else works.

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              Maybe try a good multi vitamin, get more rest, and try eating things high in protein.

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                Can you get a doctors note? Surely your doctor would prefer you remain hydrated all day and that you drink water rather than energy drinks?

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                  Where do you work where you aren’t allowed to stay hydrated without a doctors note? That’s nuts.

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