Will this affect our house purchase?

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      We are pre-approved for $380k with $25k downpayment. The house is $368,080. The lender is tied up with the developer of the house and the agent re-assured me that once we get pre-approved, there will be no problems anymore during the process.

      I just remembered that last year I applied for a health insurance coverage and spoke to a representative that seemed like a call center agent.

      I felt that the insurance company is a scam because I tried calling the number the agent gave me if I have questions but it was out of order.

      Tried calling the number I spoke to when applying but they said there was nobody named Mark (name of the agent I initially spoke to) works with them.

      I didn’t receive any health cards either which made me more suspicious. So I cancelled the card (international card) I used to pay them.

      I googled the company too but there was no one answering. I called multiple times, different days, random times. My question is, will this affect our house purchase? Can this be a ground for denying our loan?

      I have a chat thread with the international bank reps telling them that I can’t contact the company as a proof.

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        Pull your free annual credit report to check for any issues.

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          No this won’t be a problem, but shop around and maybe call a mortgage broker because builder lenders are notoriously ecpensive, even with the kickbacks they give you.

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            Being pre-approved is not a guarantee, but they more than likely would have pulled your credit and you should be given a list of items that they will want you to provide or address before approval.

            It’s usually typical stuff like bank statements, paystubs, verifications, appraisal, etc.

            As long as you were truthful on your application it shouldn’t be a problem.

            They aren’t allowed to give you a copy of the credit report they pulled, but you can pull your own to see if that insurance item is on there. More than likely it was a scam.

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              Any material changes to your credit report can mess up a mortgage application. New loans, new cards, etc. if that card was showing on your credit report, yes, it could be an issue. If it was a card from a different country that doesn’t report to US credit bureaus, then it won’t be an issue.

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