“Dear Assad…”- Poem – Creative Writings

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Dear Assad

Dear Assad,

This special poem for you I wrote
With tearful eyes and sore in my throat
Last night in a dream I saw a boat
In a sea of blood where bodies float

Yesterday my heart has again bled
Seeing those innocent children dead
What was their sin, what was the threat?
Their bodies were slaughtered, their blood was shed

I hear every inch of Sham crying
For tyranny has spread, and warriors are dying
Despite nations’ wrath and representatives eyeing
Your indifference amazed me, and you keep on lying


Didn’t you look, did not you see?
The fate of Mubarak, Ben Ali and Gaddafi
Utterly destroyed, oppressors shall be
History proved, for it’s God’s decree

Blindness can see in you, conceit
Morally you’ve lost, though you deny defeat
Ah, your sad fate isn’t imaginary, but rather concrete
The sin of your father, why must you repeat

The world is furious, but what do you care
Shameless you feel, like Bush and Blair
To commit genocide, you surely dare
Those in your way, none will you spare


Let me remind you of a simple advice
Whatever you do, you shall pay the price
Punishment awaits, to be precise
For evil doers, God will suffice

In another dream I saw victory
As promised by God, as taught by history
The time is yet to remain a mystery
But when it comes you will perish, in disgrace and misery.

By: Raudah Mohd Yunus — Freelance Writer- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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