Delicious and Healthy Summer Drinks for Kids of All Ages

There are many nutritious alternatives to sugar laden cold soft drinks. Read on for healthier suggestions.

There are many nutritious alternatives to kool-aid , soda pops, and other fruit flavored squeeze box drinks. Did you know there are two and half tablespoons of sugar in 8 ounces of soda? Visualize that! And don’t forget that sugar consumption can also contribute to dehydration.

The trick is to offer something good that kids will drink without a lot of sugar. Try Rooibos tea, a drink from South Africa that has been used for centuries to treat babies with colic. Rooibos tastes just like regular ice tea, but with a pleasant vanilla aftertaste. A lot people like to add a dried vanilla bean to the rooibos tea canister for the added taste of vanilla. This wonderful tea has no caffeine and is full of trace minerals that the body needs to maintain a proper electrolyte balance during the hot summer months.

The cousin of Rooibos is the Honeybush tea which is naturally sweet and also provides a ton of trace minerals. These teas add to growing bone structure instead of destroying it like the sodas do. They taste great with a orange slices or strawberry slices floating in the tea.

You can also make some diluted herbal teas and add ice to them. Lemon balm with lemon slices or peppermint make a refreshing drink . There are also teas called tisanes which the main ingredient is a variety of dried fruit. They make great cold drink,s great smoothies, as well as flavored ice cubes. These drinks are a good way to offer nutrition and keep the children drinking. They are also good for the big kids too!

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