Dian Fossey in Google Doodle Today!

Today [Jan 16, 2014] Google Doodle Celebrating 82nd birthday of American zoologist Dian Fossey. Dian Fossey was an American zoologist who undertook a comprehensive study of gorilla groups over a period of 18 years. She studied them in the mountain forests of Rwanda, So we remember with you now that’s important event.

Dian Fossey's 82nd birthday Google Doodle Jan 16, 2014
Dian Fossey’s 82nd birthday Google Doodle Jan 16, 2014

Founded in 1978, the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International is committed to conservation and protection of gorillas and their habitats in Africa. The organization’s rescue, rehabilitation, tracking, and anti-poaching patrol initiatives help ensure the survival of gorillas. The Fossey Fund also collaborates with other international organisations to promote research on gorillas and provide education about their relevance to the world in which we live.

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