The Upright Religion: Do Not Sell Items You Do Not Possess

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: Do not sell that which you do not possess.

He also said: Sale and money lending are not allowed to be combined in one transaction. Nor is it allowed to conduct a sale transaction with stipulations that are unrelated or external to the transaction in hand.

Nor is it allowed to sell a commodity that you yourself have not bought yet. Nor is it allowed to sell that which you do not possess.

All these transactions are merely illegal ways to take over another’s property wrongfully, a sin which Allah does not allow.

The true Muslim who is keen on the teachings of Islam makes sure that all their earnings are from Halal or legal sources.

Such are the teachings of Islam that we should live by and show to the world Such is the Upright Religion.

Please; Do Not Sell What You Do Not Possess.

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