Do we imitate him ! Peace be upon him

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(Indeed, Allah orders justice and good…) This order which descended on the Messenger of Allah, Peace be upon him , to deliver it to us He is the first to fulfill this order He made justice on himself Justice is to give everyone his right Allah’s right is great The greatest of those who fulfill Allah’s right.

The Messenger of Allah, Muhammad bin Abdullah, Peace be upon him he was fair His wife has a right on him He gave her, her right He gave his women their right and applied justice between them And make them equal It was also Just he was fair with the people, teach them morals, do his best to guide them To give them their right which is Allah’s right in guiding them He did his best to judge between people Ruling among his companions Ruling on non-Muslims All of them gave them their rights and fulfills their rights he was fair in every way in money and economy Just Even in his face when hi talk to people when they are in his assembly Everyone feels that he faced them in his speech As if he is he speak face to face to everyone.

The Messenger of God, Peace be upon him Allah commands him to justice, so he was fairness in the judiciary he applied justice in all aspects of life.

The Messenger of Allah, may Allah command him justice, and with goodness (Indeed, Allah orders justice and good) When justice is between two parties If you give this person and do good to him Justice will be lost with the other But when justice is between you and a person Then you can do good to him by giving up some of your rights Allah Almighty orders us with justice, while justice is not broken To do good to people.

The Messenger of Allah was the greatest of philanthropists (conduct and giving to relatives) He takes care of his closeness he take care of his relatives he takes care of the kinship ties He takes care of connecting all people and visiting them as much as he can (…and forbids immorality and bad conduct and oppression. He admonishes you that perhaps you will be reminded.) Leave obscenity, leave evil things Leave lusts Leaving taboo, leaving injustice, assault, and aggression.

The Messenger of Allah, Peace be upon him Allah taught him the best discipline, how beautiful this prophet is how great he is, do we imitate him Peace be upon him

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