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Some people in this world keep chasing only one dream throughout their lives; and once they accomplish it, they feel like they’re done and that their lives are done and complete. It’s as if they are trains moving fast on rails till they reach a destination and stop. Meanwhile, they may only be in their forties but they choose to pause and keep living in the memory of once having a dream and accomplishing it. Others are renewable, they don’t lock themselves up in something. Once they accomplish a dream, they start a new one and start working hard again to accomplish it The one person am talking about is from the second type of people.

Dr Ibrahim el Feki
Ibrahim el Feki

When he was young, he had a dream of being an Egyptian Ping-Pong champion. He said, I used to train for seven hours a day and I made a lot of schedules and early sleeps and concentrated well because I was so passionate about my dream of being Egypt’s ping pong champion. He did become that champion, and he joined the national team. He won the government’s championship, and then he represented Egypt in the Mediterranean championship, then Africa’s.

Then he asked himself “I’ve accomplished what I wanted in Ping-Pong… what’s next… what do I love? I love hotels. I want to be the manager of one of the biggest international hotels in America or Europe or Canada” This has nothing to do with Ping-Pong! But he doesn’t lock himself up in one dream in order to always live with a smile of hope.

He started learning three languages; English French & Italian, take care, he dreams but doesn’t wait, he starts taking actions. Eisenstein says “success is 99% hard work and only 1% talent). He took courses and diplomas in managing hotels… A new dream totally different than Ping-Pong! Then he traveled to Canada to a grand hotel. They said you’ll start with being a night guard then you’ll work in the kitchen dishwashing then a janitor. He started from below but kept getting promoted and jumping from a position to another.

He took another diploma from Canada and then became the hotel’s vice president. In 1999, he became the first Arab manager of an international grand hotel in Canada. He received a prize from the Hotel Hospitality Union of Northern American countries saying that he’s the best hotel manager of the year..! What a great man?

Next, he said… Now that dream is done, let’s move to something else! He started to recognize he’s good and talented in talking with people! So he made his studies and diplomas about human development… he started getting into that field and giving lectures and writing books. He toured around the world, then came Egypt and made a TV program Who’s that man? He is Dr.Ibrahim el Feki may his soul rest in peace. Imagine from a ping pong champion… to a grand hotel’s manager… to the greatest human development trainer.

By ~ DR. Amr Khaled

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