Eid Al-Adha Mubarak 2022

Eid Al-Adha Mubarak , Happy Eid , Eid Mubarak
Happy Eid Al-Adha Mubarak


It is important that I spend a few moments to make mention of the sacrifice in Islam when we say sacrifice, one of the prime Issues that come to our minds the sacrifice of Ibrahim (AS) of his son Ismail, may peace be upon them all and upon us if we take a look at what happened according to the narrations, the historic narrations and some of the hadith of Rasool Allah (S.A.W) it was a dream, an instruction to a nabi of Allah (SWT) Ibrahim (AS) to do something that pleased Allah, although it did not make sense to this man but he knew it was coming from Allah, so whether it made sense or not was besides the point “I have to get this fulfilled because it is Why, it is revelation it is from Allah, it is an instruction of my maker, here it is and I will get this fulfilled” he was instructed to sacrifice his son.

The upbringing of that particular son was such that when he spoke to the son, the son says:” O my father, do as you have been instructed you will fine me being from amongst those who are patient” this was the upbringing of the child may Allah (SWT) help us give our children similar upbringing that when the decree of Allah is mentioned to them, they do not find it difficult to surrender to it.

Happy Eid Al-Adha Mubarak

Today we don’t Read Salah and we expect our children to Read Salah, we don’t dress appropriately and we are sadden when our children dress more indecently than us so there are 2 ways, Inshallah, to solve that matter, may Allah (SWT) grand us solution to that so Ibrahim (AS) when he went to fulfill the instruction of Allah (SWT) Shaytaan came to him, when Shaytaan came to him, he pelted the devil on 3 occasions according to some narrations and later on he fulfill the sacrifice, what we learn is so much from it, one is, everyone of us taught to engage in that sacrifice in one way or another by the will of Allah (SWT) not because its all about a festival of meat and its all about enjoying, it’s not only that, Subhanallah, the celebration is upon the obedience of Allah (SWT) And upon putting a knife between you and that which comes in the path of earning the pleasure of Allah (SWT) let me give you an example what is the point of someone sacrificing a ram at the time of Eid Al-Adha, yet they have not put a knife to the adultery that they are committing for the last 10 years.

What’s the point ,What is your sacrifice, What have you put to an end in order to achieve the pleasure of Allah (SWT) from the sin that you are committing, a person lies every day and yet they want it slaughter animals and say “enjoy the meat” but brother, your sacrifice is to cut your lies some people speak rough to their family members, they have no way of communication, they speak to their wives or sometimes to their husbands or children or their parents or in- laws.

In such a rough way that they can only be pleasing the devil, yet they will come to you at the time of Eid Al-Adha “Eid Mubarak, Eid Mubarak” Subhanallah.

Eid not only about greeting people, not it is a bigger, much bigger issue, it is a development yourself, you celebrate upon the fact that you have put a knife, to that which was displeasing Allah [SWT] or where it came to the instruction of Allah [SWT] you made sure that come what may, you adopt that instruction. My Allah [SWT] grants goodness.

We have people who cannot give up pornography but when it comes to sacrificing they are quick to put the knife on the ram and say, “you know what?”

“We sent 20 animals to Bangladesh and we sent 50 animals to India and we sent another 500 to Africa” Mashallah, that is very good, but what did you do about that animal within you that you have not yet slaughtered it? Allahu Akbar, what about the pornography inside that you are so hooked to?

Cut it out my brothers and sister, cut it out and see how you will enjoy the sacrifice of Eid Al-Adha, you are sacrificing something for the pleasure of Allah [SWT].

People have so much, some people have, really, this connection to false wealth that is not theirs, so they want to user wealth through robbery or deception and they get happy about it “brother, I am a very rich man”.

How did you get your money? If you did it Halal, Alhamdulillah, we are happy for you, if not put a knife to it, that money will not come about with any form of goodness.

If we are not prepared to put a knife to it, then SubhanaAllah, how will we earn the pleasure of Allah [SWT]? so this is one angle of looking at that sacrifice, the angle of “what am I prepared to sacrifice to earn the pleasure of Allah [SWT]? On one hand Ibrahim [AS], he was not instructed to do something that did not make sense to him, nor will it ever make sense to any one of us, imagine “sacrifice your son” can it make sense to you? No.

Did it make sense to him? No but it definitely was never a point of question because he knew the source of the instruction, once Allah said “do this” he said: ‘we have heard it and we have obeyed it” where as we have light items to fulfill.

No one has asked us to sacrifice our children or to do something Barbaric in order to achieve the pleasure of Allah [SWT] no.

But it is the small things in our life that we are not even prepared to look into, how then are we going to be able to sacrifice them, cut them out for the sake of Allah [SWT]?

So I hope these few words of motivation can help myself and yourself, firstly look into our self “where am I going wrong? How do I work? How do I address my colleagues?”

For example, some of us, we cannot read Salah, for what reason? Because we are lazy, we want to sleep, or we say the timing is strange, some of us do not want to dress appropriately. Some of us have Haram relation with the opposite sex in a way that we know it’s detrimental for us, for our families, for our well beings. But we cannot put an end to it and yet, every year we witness this Ed Al-Adha, what is it all about? It is all about sacrifice.

It is all about cutting out that which displeases Allah [SWT] and forcing yourself to do that which pleases Allah, such as your Salah, you are truthfulness, your dress code, come on, we can do much better with our dress code, the way we come across one another.

When we enter the house of Allah my brothers and sisters, we need to learn something, we smile at one another for the sake of Allah because I share a Shahada with you, I do not need to come into the house o Allah and look at people in such a way that my eyes are telling them: “what are you doing here brother? You are not even supposed to be here” if that is the case where is my Imaan? Where is the brotherhood? SubhanaAllah.

What is the sisterhood all about? We need to make sure people feel like part of one family that is what the Ummah is all about.

We will have differences and we will always have differences but my brothers and sisters, remember, those differences to be discussed with knowledge. And to be discussed in a way that it is felt that my intention deep down is not to condemn people but rather to educate them, to cue closer to what is right. And to do so it might take long, it’s a lot of effort and energy required dedication and strategy so much, but we are impatient my brothers and sisters, it either my way or the high way as they say, my Allah [SWT] protect us, brothers and sisters, two things were mentioned in todays talk and I hope we can remember this, number one:

It is important for us to realize the test of Allah [SWT] we will never get what we want in this world because Allah has kept a paradise where we will be getting what we want expect tests in your life, one day your health will fail, one day you will suffer loss in your wealth, one day you will suffer the loss of life of those around you.

Whom you love most because everyone needs to go, one day you will become old and you won’t be able to walk anymore. One day you will have to prepare for dying because you are so close to death, you may look back in your life and regret.

‘when I had energy, I used it for adultery, I used it for pornography, when I could see I used to watch dirty things, when I could type, I used to type the dirtiest of things”.

“now that I am old, what do I do?” remember, if you have got to old age, you are so lucky the doors of Tuba are still open, but a loser is the one who gets right to death and still has not turned to Allah [SWT] so my brothers and sisters, we ask Allah [SWT] to help us through our tests.

And to make us from those whom when the test come in our direction, we can accept them with open arms asking Allah to help us through them.

And asking him never to test us with test that will be too difficult for us to pass.

The 2nd point I made mention of is to learn from the sacrifice of Ibrahim [AS] that if he could put a knife to something in order to please Allah [SWT]. It was replaced with a ram, as we know, we should learn that what we have been asked to do is far easier, and it is far lighter yet.

We find ourselves dili daling, we find ourselves dwindling, and we can not even sacrifice minor things in order to please Allah [SWT].

I hope and I pray we can become better people and I hope and I pray we can become assists to our communities, our societies.

Starting with out own families and family members, May Allah [SWT] bless us.

In Arabic: عيد الأضحى

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