Eid Mubarak Holiday 2022 With Best Images and Reminders

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Dr. Yasir Qadhi: Brothers and sisters, Eid is a religious celebration, notice even the celebration of our religion they are related to worshipping Allah.

The first of them Eid al-Fitr is related to fasting in the month of Ramadan, when we have done such a big deed we thank Allah, we do not become arrogant, we thank Allah.

This is what Allah says about Eid: that you may praise Allah because he has guided you, because he has blessed you with Ramadan.

And Eid al-Adha is the timing out of Hajj, that great deed when we finish up Hajj, even if we are not doing Hajj its such a blessed time, its such a blessed opportunity, that when those 10 days of Dhul Hijjah are over we finish them off with Eid al-Adha, even our celebrations are linked to the worship of Allah [SWT].

We thank Allah for Ramadan, we thank Allah for Hajj, for the blessing of Ramadan, for the blessing of the 10 days od Dhul Hijjah, so the 2 Eids are meant to thank Allah [SWT].

Also realize brothers and sisters, that the correct position amongst the scholars is that Salat Ul Eid is Wajib, and this is a Ikhtilaf amongst the Madhahib, in my Humble opinion and the opinion of many of the Madhahib it is Wajib, and this means if you are able to get off from work (2012 lecture) for those who are in work if they are able to take off, then it is Wajib to take off, if you can not take off without a severe loss or job threatening or something like this then Allah knows you situation.

Otherwise brothers and sisters, the stronger position amongst the scholars it is Wajib for every Muslim to come to Eid prayer so much so that when the lady said “O messenger of Allah, what if I am in my monthly cycle?” He said even you come but you do not pray, you just sit in the back, and so the lady in her monthly cycle, even she supposed to come to the Eid prayer but she does not actually pray, so then how about those who do not have that excuse?

And a reminder and a caution my brothers and sisters, that after these 30 days let us not finish of the month, on the very day of Eid with sins. Let us not finish off with something evil, A’udhubillah, Astagfirullah, brothers and sisters, after 30 days of worship.

Eid Mubarak Reminder

Let us remember that Islam continues through out the year, that we prayed regularly for 30 days, let us make sure we pray the prayers of Eid. Dhuhur, Asr, Magrib, Isha, Fajr, all of these prayers from Eid and Hench forth, after Eid let us make sure we pray them.

Let us fear Allah in our dress code and in our interactions, women especially, I remind you my dear sisters that Allah [SWT] has given you special responsibility, special and extra responsibility that Allah [SWT] has asked you to dress up in a more modest manner than he has asked men to dress up, for reasons that are understood and known to every one of you and so do not turn the day of Eid into a day of sin, fear Allah [SWT]. Fear Allah [SWT] in how you dress up on that beautiful day, make sure you are beauty is hidden for those who are deserving to see it, your husband, your Maharam and do not show it to those who have no right to see it.

Also realize brothers and sisters, we live as a minority in America, and this is the final point here, you know we are minority here, look what happens at Christmas, look what happens at thanksgiving, our children knows that the world is celebrating.

Well sadly on Eid they do not understand that the world is celebrating, we need to become the world to them. We need to show them what is it means to be a Muslim on Eid day, maybe the world are not celebrating, maybe there are not big discounts like thanksgiving or Christmas.

But we should make their lives into the most beautiful days of the year, brothers and sisters, perhaps you do not understand, perhaps you do.

Go back to when you were a child, think of the days of Eid with your own mother and father, do you not realize a time will come when you won’t be here and your child will?
You want your child to think of those beautiful days he had with you, celebrated Eid with you, you want him to cherish Islam.

To cherish his childhood and you want the days of Eid to be the most beautiful days of his year and so do whatever you can, spoil them on this day brothers and sisters.

If you are going to spoil them this is the day, make them feel like it is an Eid, give those gifts, take time out. This is their celebration, make them proud to be Muslims, do whatever, even the Prophet [S.A.W] in a famous Hadith, he came home and there were some little young girls, 7 – 8 years old they were playing the Dhaff and they were singing songs, and Umar [RA] comes in and you know who Umar is and he says ‘Astagfirullah, Lahawla Walaquwata Illahbillah, how can this be happening in the house of the Prophet [S.A.W]?” and these were young girls, they were not old, they were not 20 years old, they were 7 – 8 years old, they are singing some innocent songs, He said “leave them O Umar, leave them, let the people know that our religi.

Eid Mubarak Holiday 2018 Images for Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha

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