“Enjoin What Is Right and Forbid What Is Wrong”

Query: My husband and I don’t have a car, and we need to travel to a location that is several hours away. My husband’s friend offered to drive us, but he also invited his fiancée. This engaged couple often rides alone in a car together without the supervision of the woman’s mahram/wali. Both of their families have no problem with them being alone, unsupervised, but I find this objectionable.

My husband says that it’s too awkward to tell his friend that we will not ride with him if he brings his fiancée, and that the sin of them being together without her mahram being present falls on them and on her mahram/wali, not on us, but I feel very uncomfortable about this situation. Although they spend time alone with each other in the car all the time, in this instance, they will be doing so because of us—to give us a ride; my husband and I are the one’s arranging the meeting in which an impermissible act between this couple will take place.

As Muslims, we are supposed to “enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong“, but my husband insists that it is not our place to tell them that being together alone is wrong and that it is okay for us to let them drive us. Do we bear some burden of sin and responsibility for what takes place if we do not to advise them and instead decide to agree to this arrangement and proceed to go with them?


It’s fine if they drive you, and you can advise them to get married soon to avoid wrongdoing.

Sources: Al-Azhar Al-Sharif

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