Fabulous Fondue – Tips and Recipes

Fabulous Fondue. That staple of the 60s is making a comeback. Fondue provides a relaxed, social atmosphere for a dinner or dessert. Click for details and recipes.

Welcome to Fondue feature! That staple of the 60s is making a comeback, and it’s about time. If you’re not familiar with what a fondue pot is, it’s simply a small pot with a heat source (either electric or a flame or Sterno) under it. Cooking in a fondue pot is done at the table with each person dunking their chunks of food into the communal pot.

I love fondue because it provides a relaxed, social atmosphere for a dinner. I’m a firm believer that people don’t entertain enough, and having a fondue pot around makes small informal gatherings a snap. While fondue is often thought of as being sophisticated and elegant, kids also love it!

Cook Without Kitchen!

Another great thing about owning a fondue pot is you can create a very nice small party, or even a romantic dinner for two without having a stove or a kitchen! College students living in dorms – think of the possibilities! Fondue pots are not expensive and you can find them at any department store.

If you’re really into bargain hunting, start frequenting some thrift stores or garage sales. Fondue pots used to be a common wedding present. Most of them never got used, so you can often pot that were never used. I bought mine, still in its original box, at a garage sale for $3.00.

Most people who are familiar with fondue know about the classic cheese fondue, in which chunks of bread are dipped into a thick cheese sauce. We will cover that in this series, but there are so many other things you can do with a fondue pot, from appetizers to main courses to desserts.

I personally prefer electric fondue pots. The heat control allows you to adjust the temperature, which allows for more versatility. If you’re making chocolate fondue, you’ll want a very low temperature once your chocolate has melted. If, on the other hand, you’re making tempura or another type of deep fried food, you’ll need a much higher temperature.

Fondue Recipes

See the Related Recipes section below for some fabulous fondue recipes.

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