My Father’s Day Gift 2022: 8 Ways to be a better father!

I Love You Dad, Happy Father's Day
I Love You Dad – Happy Father’s Day

Here’s ways to be a better father!

Being a father is never easy, because for children, fathers are always supposed to be the source of inspiration, protection, love, care and encouragement for their own families.

So here are some ways that would help you to be a better father to your kids and your entire family.

  1. Be present with your children: which means that you should be a part of every event in their lives, sharing with them all what they are doing and what they are about to do.
  2. Focus on the positive when speaking to your children: which means that you must not use any negative attitude when you talk to your children about anything, you better keep positive no matter what.
  3. Say I love you. A lot: showing your child how much you love him/her is not weakness as most of parents think, but actually showing your child love all the time will help in creating a very strong relationship between you and him/her.
  4. Don’t be afraid to show your emotions to your family: fathers must show to their families that they care about them and they love them more than anything else.
  5. Work on improving your relationship with your wife or partner: improving your relationship with your wife and treating the mother of your kids with kindness and respect, will definitely help in rising kids who will respect their partners in the future as well.
  6. Take time out from work for family time: good fathers do not work all the time, but instead, they always have some free time for their families “family time”, away from the work’s atmosphere.
  7. Listen to your kids with all of your attention: some fathers do not listen to their kids, and they justify this horrible thing by saying that their kids are too young and most of their conversations at that age, and what they talk about most of the time just do not make any sense. But actually, fathers and parents in general, must use to listen and show attention to their children and to whatever they talk about, and make them feel important.
  8. Learn new things by teaching your children about them: learning new things or hobbies like swimming, drawing, or playing soccer, and teaching them to your children is actually a great way to be a better father, as such thing would make you more involved in your child’s life, sharing him/ her what he/she does or love.

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