FIFA World Cup 2018: Facts & Figures

FIFA World Cup, Russia 2018, World Cup 2018
FIFA World Cup – Russia 2018

World Cup 2018 is approaching. We have collected 12 interesting facts about World Cup 2018 (Russia) that you should know about this popular event.

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1. Russia is to host World Cup Tournament 2018 for the first time. World Cup 2018 is the 88th tournament since the first one, which was held in Uruguay in 1930.
2. Countries like Panama and Iceland will participate for the first time in World Cup 2018.
3. The number of qualified teams in World Cup 2018 is 32 teams. 14 are European teams, 5 African teams, 4 Asian teams, 4 South American teams and 3 North American teams.
4. For the first time, two important teams will not participate in World Cup 2018 which are Italy that won World Cup 2010 and Spain that won World cup 2014.
5. Around 3 million people are expected to attend World Cup 2018 games.
6. Guests are expected to be 1 million people. Guests don’t need Visas to travel to Russia. They just need to have the required travel documents.
7. The theme of World Cup 2018 is related to some popular stuff in Russia such as the exploration of outer space, firebirds, and Matryoshka dolls.
8. The Russian Cities that will host World Cup 2018 games are Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Samara, Volgograd and Saransk.
9. Zimbabwe was expected to take part in World Cup 2018, but FIFA excluded it since Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) didn’t pay a severance fee for the former coach Jose Claudinei within the specified time by FIFA.
10. FIFA World Cup 2018 is expected to cost Russia around $12 billion.
11. World Cup 2018 games will be played at 12 stadiums. 9 of them were built just for the championship.
12. FIFA approved using Video Assistant Referee technology (VAR) for the first time in World Cup 2018. This technology can only be used when doubt exists in four situations which are: in penalty decisions, after a goal, after a straight red card or in a situation of mistaken identity.

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