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I Love Mom , White Hearts , Mothers Day
I Love Mom with two White Hearts for Mothers Day

First, Mother’s Day messages

• Happy Mother’s Day Mom! you are wonderful mother, always looking for the best, you all ways put them first even when time are tough for you. you have a very big heart and I love very much, hope you have a great day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my family and friends on Facebook who are mom’s! You deserve to be celebrated on this very special day! My mother Rose has passed but I know she is with me always and she is guiding me and watching over my family. Thank you, Mom, for everything! I love you!

• Happy Mother’s Day to all moms; women who tried naturally and in vitro but miscarried and all who have mothered nieces, nephews and younger family members.

• Mothers face many challenges. But those who trust in God, are victorious, everytime!! May He continue to bless and encourage those mothers who put their hope and trust in Him. Happy Mother’s Day.

• I wish my mom was still here, so I could tell her once again how much I love her. If your mom is still with you, take the time to let her know how much she is loved. She won’t always be here.

• I would like to say happy Mother’s Day to my mom in heaven. I love and miss you mom. I miss my childhood with you. when we sat down and the yard and looked 4 four leaf Glover’s for hours at a time. You taught me how to whistle off a weed. We picked flowers went for walk and had are private moments. I just miss you mom.

• Filipino: Happy Mother’s Day MOM, thank you very much sa pagmamahal mo sa aming magkakapatid mahal na mahal ka namin sana maging malakas ka palag at masigla at makapiling ka pa namin ng matagal I love you.

• Happy Mother’s Day to the new Mother’s Day to my grand-kids that are new mothers that have become mothers within the past seven years to Hope!.

• I keep a picture of you
Next to my bed at night
And when I wake up scared
I know I’ll find you there
Watching over me
When my world seems to crumble all around
And foolish people try to bring me down
I just think of your smiling face
And I’m flying
I will always have you, inside of me
Even though you’re gone
Love still carries on
Love, inside of me

• My Mom is not here today either and I miss her very much, but our Mothers are always in our hearts and still guide us everyday. Lots of love to you on this day. Happy Mothers Day,

• No other words needed, very well said!! our mother’s guide us from up above in giving us strength in striving for success, for all those who believe, always depend on your guardian angel from up above, for all those who are still so very lucky in having their mom’s around! Happy mother’s day to all out there!

• Lovely message!, is sad not having our Mothers on such especial Day even though we know they are in a better place not having the chance to cuddle with her is hard, that is a pain always is and will be there. Happy Mother’s Day

• No matter how old we are we still need our moms. Mine is alive but far away from me so I think about her and miss her terribly.

• Thank you for living authentically and with so much passion and purpose. You’ve been an inspiration to me since childhood and continue to serve as a beacon of hope and joy.

• Oh mother why aren’t you here with me, no one else saw the things that you could see, I’m trying hard to dry me tears, yes, Father, you know I’m not so free ❤ LORD, please, protect all mothers everywhere.!

• A beautiful tribute to my wonderful mother. I’m so sorry she wasn’t here to see the many accomplishments I have made but always know she’s looking down smiling.

• Happy Mothers day to all Americans. On the occasion of mother day my prayers to god all worldwide mother has to be happy and healthy.

• Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful women that God has created! Blessings and more blessing to you and your gorgeous family !

Second, Mothers Day Cards

Mother's Day, Free Images, Mothers Day Cards
Free Mothers Day Cards Images
Mother's Day, Free Images, Mothers Day Cards
Free Images Mothers Day Cards

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