Friendship Day – Symbolic Story and Photos

Our story today faithfulness between friends, the best time for this story is the Friendship Day, but a symbolic story, It is not real.

A Little Girls on the Friendship Day
A Little Girls on the Friendship Day

I think that this story fit in Friendship Day and in the other day, it’s really a wonderful story shows the true friendship between the friends of all time.

One of the best stories in the Friendship Day

The story says that there was a very rich young man as his father was selling jewellery, corundum and gold. The father didn’t teach his sons how to do this job.

The Word Friend in the sky
The Word Friend in the sky

This young man had friends, they loved and respected each other so much. Days passed, then his father died and because he hadn’t taught them his job, they lost their trade, money and they became very poor.

When the boy became very poor, he began to think of his friends to find the best friend that could help him in his trouble. Later he knew that his best friend became a very rich man and had many palaces, jewellery and a lot of money so he decided to visit him as he could provide him with a job or help him to continue his life.

He didn‘t want money but he needed support to continue his life by a job or any way else.

Help your friend on the Friendship Day
Help your friend on the Friendship Day

When he arrived to the palace gate, the servants opened the gate and looked at him. He seemed very poor and wore old clothes so they were surprised when he told them that he was an old friend to the palace owner and he hasn’t seen him for a long time so he wanted to meet him. The servants went to the palace owner and told him that his old friend was waiting outside and wanted to meet him.

The palace owner stood up behind the window to see who was that man. Then he ordered the servants to tell him that he couldn’t meet anyone at that time. The poor friend left the palace sadly because of his friends unfaithfulness and rascality.

He felt that his problem get more complicated and no way to solve it Suddenly, after a few steps of his friends palace, he saw three men holding a big bag and calling “who could guide us to… the son of ” He heard his father’s name so he said this is my father and he had died, what do you want?

“your father was a jeweler and he gave us some jewellery to sell them and these are the jewellery that your father had given us to keep it” the men replied and walked away

He took the bag and he couldn’t believe himself. What a strange and unexpected chance. How much money he got suddenly

At the same time, he didn’t know how to trade or invest them. It he had known how to invest, he wouldn’t have failed or became poor.

After few steps he met the second chance that was stranger than the first one He saw an old woman that seemed to be rich and she asked him, “my dear son, do you know anyone could guide me to a jeweler in your town?”

He couldn’t believe all these chances.
“I have some jewellery” he replied She bought them and gave him a lot of money

He took the money and made a shop for spices as he could do this job well He worked hard, sold and became very rich.

Love Hearts On The Friendship Day
Love Hearts On The Friendship Day

Days. months and years passed.
His old friend who refused to met him before came to visit him.

“why are you coming now? you refused to meet me when I was poor and now you come to visit me as I became rich ??!!“ he said: “I sent you my mother, the old woman who had bought the jewellery and I also sent the three men who had given you the jewellery. I sent my mother to buy the jewellery because I knew that you had no money and I wanted to give you money anyhow” the old friend replied: “why didn’t you tell me about that or helped me ?” he asked

His old friend replied with the verse: “we didn’t dismiss you because of avariciousness or poverty but because we were afraid that you’d be ashamed”

I didn’t want to see you in a bad need and asked me for money. I wanted to help you secretly without offending because I respect you and your feelings. I didn’t want to hurt you.

My dear community, humanity is very nice and wonderful. This was a symbolic story.

Now, whom you are going to help of your relatives secretly? how will you think of your poor relatives? your neighbours and your poor friends?

How will you think to help them in a smart way without hurting them?
Thereon you’ll have a smile of hope for you and your kids after you.

The Concept Of A Friendship Day Between The 3D Friends
The Concept Of A Friendship Day Between The 3D Friends

Theis a symbolic story for all friends on the Friendship Day, In all ages and countries around the world, thank you.


By ~ Dr. Amr Khaled


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