Happy Father’s Day, Thank You, Dad (Parents)

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful. A smile of Hope today is actually not a story, it’s about Father’s Day. And this one is about a 15 year – old girl who her dad passed away. She sent us saying, I want to send a smile of hope during my sadness, to all the youngsters who live with their parents. Please appreciate your parents.

Nice Photo for Father's Day
Nice Photo for Father’s Day

Her words are so beautiful, allow me to read it for you, A great man has passed away today and left our world forever. He wasn’t a leader or a famous Doctor, or one of the war heroes or an athlete, or a tycoon, although, in my eyes, he was one of the great men.

Today, my father died. He wasn’t really doing any extraordinary things; he used to pay the bills, helped me to do my homework, and helped my mother with the grocery shopping, yet in my eyes, I see him as a great man, just because he’s my father.

Cute Girl wَith her father
Cute Girl wَith her father

At the end of her words, she added; I know I’m writing to ” Basmet Amal”, which has to include a smile or something cheerful. The cheerful part is that my father looked at me with an eye of satisfaction. I still remember that look. He told me before he passed away that he’s proud of me and satisfied with who I am and that he loves me.

She finished her letter, but what I want to say; you got to hold on to your parents, learn how to value them before you lose them (God forbid). And to the ones, who lost their parents, send them good deeds through your prayers or visiting their friends. Draw a smile of hope on their faces, so they would draw a smile of hope back to you too.

By/ Amr Khaled

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