Happy International Women’s Day 2016 – Images & Status March 8th!

We should say Happy International Women’s Day 2016 to all lovely ladies around the world. Here, with us some images and nice status, Follow us.

March 8th Women’s Day 2016 Images

Happy International Women's Day 2016 March 8
Happy International Women’s Day 2016 March 8

Women’s Day 2016 Status – March 8th

Most greatest Status on Facebook about the International Women’s Day 2016 – March 8th!
Oh, the Women of the World! ( On Women’s Day, March,8 )
From my poetry book ‘Voice of Heart’

In the name of getting glory and power,
In the quest to reach the highest tower,
In the desire to grow as a blooming flower,
In the dream to make man a bit narrower,
Often you throw aside the limits of Nature,
Often you forget, you are a wonderful creature,
Often you try to be an arrogant preacher,
Often you think, of man, you are a teacher.
You and men are born with different semblance,
You and men have their own unique fragrance,
You and men are equal for the worldly balance,
You and men are always each other’s essence.
I pray you rise higher and higher,
I pray you shine brighter and brighter,
I pray you perform better and better,
I pray you become wiser and wiser.

~ Dr.Mustafa Kamal Sherwani
Lucknow, India

Women have come a long way, baby. I believe we still have a long way to go to achieve equal rights and recognition for our may contributions to our world at large. Let’s Celebrate our achievements and goals for the future. ~ Penny’s Florist Shop

This week, in the lead-up to International Women’s Day, let’s s speak out on an issue that sadly most of us see everywhere we work: Sexual Violence.
Worldwide, one in three women has experienced some form of sexual violence. Some of our neighbors or people dear to us have bravely shared their stories so that we can all understand the impact of these violations on their lives. Please Share and show the world that we are against any kind of Violence against women. Our Mothers… The Mothers of our Children… Our Partners. ~ Arlindo de Freitas

International Women's Day March 8
International Women’s Day March 8 © Social Networks

Disappointed by some people’s view of celebrating International Women’s Day. Come on sisters, I couldn’t give a shit if cupcakes are trendy & sewing is retro. Get your arses out of the 50s and do something empowering! ~ Amanda-Jane Lomax

Happy international women’s day march 8, 2016.
To all women, that has been a part of my life… And will be part of my life.

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