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Happy Mother’s Day ~ I Love You Mom

Today’s story is about a young man. Like any person he sometimes gets irritated. We all sometimes get angry and irritated with our parents. Definitely, it is wrong to do. but what is more important that when we make a mistake we hurry up to make it right. This young man had an argument with his mother: he got angry so he shouted and slammed some papers that he had with him violently. His mother’s face turned red and didn’t say a word.

This Image about Happy Mother’s Day 2016! Maybe!

Happy Mother's Day with flowers gift
Happy Mother’s Day with flowers gift

The young man got to his room. Unfortunately, lots of people do that, but what was distinguished about this young man is that he couldn’t sleep at night. He spent the night in pain. He tried to apologize the next morning but his mother wouldn’t accept his apology.

university and there an idea struck his mind: what if something happened to my mother or to me? What if she died or I died? How would Hive with the fact that she died while she was angry with me? Will I see any mercy or good or happiness in my life after that?

If your mother is angry with you the whole universe would be, Allah would be angry with you. But if she is pleased with you, the whole world will sympathize with you and Allah will be pleased with you. These sentiments got control over this young man. He says: I couldn’t enter the university so I got my phone and decided to write her a message.

I thought I will write a message that has humility in it to soften her head. I texted her saying “I just knew an information that the sole is softer than the troed, so will you allow me_ my precious mother_ to kiss your foot up and down to make sure of this information?’ This is the humility that pleases Allah. He took his lectures and after he finished he found a message from his mother “No, I wouldn’t let you because I made sure of this information myself when I used to kiss your foot when you were an infant”

He said that for the first time he went home racing with time. Once he was there he hugged her and tried to kiss her foot but she prevented him. He kissed her hand and tears dropped from both their eyes.

The story ended. I am not telling you this story so that you kiss her leg, that is not the point But I want you to respect her feelings; never hurt her. Your paradise, happiness and the joys of your life are all connected to your mother. (The smile of hope) in your life is your mother. Please her and you will live with a smile of hope.

By. Dr/ Amr Khaled

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