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Help people and you will be happy! Sure.

In the name of Allah (God) the Compassionate, The Merciful. I will tell you today something I have experienced during the last week, I have had a phone call from a friend, who told me that there is a 7 years old kid who has cancer in his liver, and his father wants to donate part of his liver to his son to live, but this operation will cost half million Egyptian Pounds, and the father can’t afford it, could you please find a donor who can pay for the operation? And started wonder who can pay this big amount of money? I got a little bit let down, then I forget the subject, and one day after praying Fajr (Morning Prayer), I remembered this conversation again, and I told myself aren’t you going to help this little kid?

Help people and you will be happy
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But I don’t have this amount of money and who can I ask to help with this amount of money, and I am already raising funds for many developmental and charity projects, how can I raise fund again from people? Then suddenly I had something in my heart telling me (get up and help them).

I talk the phone and called someone very rich I know, and I told him very insistently and firmly you have to help this guy and his kid urgently because the kid may lose his life. My position turned from someone very reluctant, embarrassed, and indolent to someone very assured, and insistent. The rich man reacted very positively, and he took the father number and followed with him very closely everything till the operation.

The father called me on the phone crying and thanking me, telling me, ” May Allah makes you happy as you mad us happy, you saved my kid life, I will pray a thankful prayer to Allah, a thanking sujud”. I was really touched, and I felt the same feeling as going to Ummra or Hajj.

Do good things to people, May Allah protect your own children, help people and don’t postpone, or delay good deeds, Thank God he gave me the strengh to this good deed, May this fathers tears be put in my and my friends scale of good deeds on the judgment day.

Maybe his Doaa – prayers for me will protect my own children. Allah is Thankful (Shakour) never wastes the good deeds. Help people and you will be happy, you and your children and your grandchildren.. Thank you and Peace be unto you and so may the mercy of Allah and His blessings.

Thank you and Salamu Aliekum wa Rahamtullah.

Thank You, Dr/ Amr Khaled

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