Here’s More About Father’s Day Around the World

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Father’s Day is a day dedicated to honor fathers and celebrate them around the world; an appreciation to them for their dedication to their families and their children, where several gifts are sent to them and some of the greeting cards where various greetings and valuable phrases are written on them. Father’s Day became known in western countries each country has a different way of celebration, And some of the countries link the celebration of this day to the religion of the Catholic category, where they linked the Father’s Day to the birth of St. Joseph, while the Father’s Day in the Arab and Islamic countries is still a new outsider, celebrated by a minority, and others adopted the idea to devote a day to the Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day

The date of Father’s Day is different around the world. The Catholic category is celebrating Father’s Day on March 19th. While in the United States, this holiday is celebrated on the third week of June on Sunday. Australia has marked the day of celebration as the first week of September on Sunday, The Arab countries are celebrated on different days. Lebanon celebrates the Father’s Day on the 21st of June, and other countries such as Turkey and Pakistan celebrate the Father’s Day. On June 19, it was not agreed to set a unified day for Father’s Day, every country has a unique date of its own.

There are many rumors about the origin of this day, It is said that it has assets of more than 400 years old associated with Catholic category, and it is said that he has a Babylonian origin associated with a young man who wrote greetings and a words of appreciation to his father on a slab made of clay and gave it to him as a gift. And this was the first gift to be presented to a father by a young man called (Miso). In another story it is said that a daughter of a civil war participant, Sonora Smart Dodd, from Arkansas, adopted the idea of honoring her father, who died, leaving behind him six children, whom he had been taking care of them after his wife’s death during childbirth, while she was only 16 years old.

Father’s Day is provided in the law in some countries as in 1913, the US Congress formally approved that the third Sunday of June to be Father’s Day. President Calvin Coolidge also recommended Father’s Day to be celebrated nationally, as it was permanently endorsed by President Richard Nixon in 1972.

It is not only a matter of defining a day for the fathers to celebrate our parents and salute them. As fathers have unlimited love and a lasting tenderness despite the harshness of the days and its difficulties. Some parents enlightened their children’s way, and put their wisdom and experience in their hands to extract from it what benefits them in all the difficulties of life. And for that we will give them all that is beautiful and all that makes them happy.

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