We have to think about what is safe and what is not safe in our community. I won’t give my personal opinion on this I would never like to implement that on somebody else.

however, what I see around me is that sisters who wears certain types of clothing are getting a lot more hassle in the west living as a Muslim assistant who don’t wear certain types of clothing so we need and what we doing because them sometime something that can be sorted so.

For example, if we maybe go to somewhere like Saudi Arabia and we are in a community lot of men and every woman is wearing the niqab I would say you must weather in this situation because it would be unwise and silly and unsafe not to you would be bringing attention to yourself however if we in a western Community and I’ll tell you a story but once I was in.

I was going into the hospital to visit somebody and I was just wearing like my normal clothes everything who was wearing the niqab at the lift Mashallah very nice sister I was talking to her and the lift opened and this little old lady was in the list and you know she gave me this and she turned to notice that the sister with the niqab standing there and she actually screen she was terrified of course if there was no threat to the old lady but because it was something that was so alien to her and that she didn’t understand for this as something country quite scary the lady was scared to have nobody intentions whatsoever and she was an amazing sister.

However the Hikma behind what we were it we just need to think about that a little bit and think about our impact in our community especially with the current political situation.

source: Ustadha Ameena Blake

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