How do I know if Allah accepted my Ramadan


How to know if your Ramadan was accepted

Now there isn’t a 100% guaranteed way to tell exactly how much of our worship was accepted, but there is a good indicator that can help you find out. And that is steadfastness.

Sign of accepted Ramadan

• Steadfastness: In other words, if we’re able to continue the good actions we picked up in Ramadan, well after this month that would be a major sign that our deeds were accepted. For instance, the most obvious deed.

• Remaining steadfast in your fasting: So a key indicator that our fasting was accepted, will be to see how well we are able to continue our fasting throughout the year, even if it’s only a couple of days a month.
The Prophet Muhammad in fact encouraged us to fast 6 days in Shawaal, the month directly after Ramadan. “Whoever fasts Ramadan and follows it with 6 days of Shawaal it will be as if he fasted an entire lifetime”. [Muslim]

• Remaining steadfast in your prayer: If in the month of Ramadan you were praying Taraweeh every night, and visiting the mosque every day, a key indicator that your prayers were accepted, would be to see how much of these prayers you would continue after the month of Ramadan, even it’s only two extra Rakaat a night.

• Remaining steadfast in your Quran: A key indicator of your Quran being accepted is found in your ability to maintain a close relationship with the Quran well after the month of Ramadan.

My dear brothers and sisters, Ramadan is definitely not the finish line, and the Lord of the month of Ramadan is the same Lord for entirety of time.

The deeds we picked up today should not end tomorrow. In an amazing hadith, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) taught us: “if the day of resurrection comes forth on one of you, and in his hand is a plant, then let him plant it”. [Musnad Ahmad].

This hadith is a clear sign that the work of a Muslim should never and until the very end of time.
As the Prophet Muhammad advised one of his companions with short but extremely powerful advice, say I believe in Allah and then remain steadfast. “Say I believe in Allah, and then remain steadfast”. [Sahih Muslim].

Hold well onto your actions after this month, and let not the end of Ramadan signal the end of your worship, but rather a new beginning.

We ask Allah to accept all your worship.

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