How Mother’s Day Is Celebrated Around the World

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Mother’s Day is a special day devoted for celebrating mothers. Several countries celebrate it but on different dates. For instance, many countries, including the U.S., celebrate it in May while others celebrate it in March. Yet, the spirit of celebration is the same in all countries. Each country, however, expresses this spirit in its own way.

Happy Mother’s Day

Here are some Mother’s Day celebration habits in a number of countries:
India: Indians celebrate Mother’s Day in the second week in May. They celebrate it by giving money to their mothers and washing clothes for them.
Sweden: Swedish people celebrate Mother’s Day in the last week in May. On this day, Swedish mothers do nothing but resting on the beds while children and fathers do chores and serve them.
Croatia: Children in Croatia celebrate their mothers in a bit strange way. On that day, in May, they go to their mothers’ bedrooms and tie them up while they are asleep. Once mothers wake up, they find themselves surrounded by heaps of gifts.
Japan: Japanese people celebrate Mother’s Day in the second week in May. Mother’s Day in Japan is called “ha no hi.” On that day, children celebrate their mothers by cooking for them and giving them cloves flowers as a gift.
Mexico: Mother’s Day in Mexico is also celebrated in the second week in May. However, it seems that Mexicans greatly love their mothers since they take this day off and hold cheerful celebrations in streets.
Taiwan: The Mother’s Day in Taiwan is of special holiness because it is the same date as Buddha’s birthday who is considered a god in Buddhism. So, Mother’s Day celebrations go hand in hand with the Buddhist religious rites.
Pakistan: On that day, prayers are conducted for mothers who passed away as a way of showing gratitude for their kind acts during their lifetimes.

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