How to Bone a Chicken breast

Tutorial teaches you how to easily skin and bone a chicken breast. Save money and do it yourself!

Sure, you can go to your local market and buy already boned chicken breasts. If you want to waste your money, be my guest.

Many cooks buy bone-in breasts in bulk (8 – 12), bone them, and then put them in the freezer until needed. If I learned, you certainly can.

The illustrated instructions below will show you how.

  1. Remove the skin. Find some loose skin, place your fingers underneath and peel it off. (figures 1 and 2).
  2. There may be some extra fat or skin still left. Take a sharp boning knife and, cutting away from you, slice off any extra skin or fat. (figure 3).
  3. Turn the breast over and you’ll find two thick slices of meat on one edge. This is the breast and a piece know as “the tender”. (figure 4). Work your fingers between the tender and the bone. (figure 5).
  4. Peel the meat away from the bone. (figure 6).
  5. If the meat is stubborn and does not want to pull, use your boning knife and scrape the meat from the bone and cut any places where the meat is still sticking to the bone. (figure 7).
  6. Once completed there are four parts, the skin, the tender, the breast, and the bone (figure 8). Remember to save the bones to later make a chicken stock.

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